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Cat With Blue Eyes


We will treat your pet as one of our own.

We believe honoring your pet means protecting the environment, particularly when there is an alternative to standard flame cremation. Aquamation is that alternative.  Aquamation is an established and successful technology that has been adapted for regular use in both pets and humans. Being more sustainable, it is the necessary future of aftercare.

We accept pets from individuals as well as through partnerships with veterinarians. If you're a veterinarian who is not currently a partner and you'd like to be, please contact us directly to discuss options.

Image by Ricky  Kharawala

Individual Pricing

​Each pet is placed in their own compartment with no commingling of remains. Mineral remains (ashes) are returned in an eco-friendly burlap bag with a certificate of Aquamation and a plantable Rainbow Bridge bookmark.

​Items available for an additional charge:

  • Fur/feather clippings $10

  • PawPals paw impression $15

  • Ink paw print $15

  • Laser engraved paw print on acrylic $30

  • Bio-degradable floral EarthUrn or Sheesham Wooden Urn $10

  • 0-4 Pounds $125

  • 5-12 Pounds $150

  • 13-25 Pounds $175

  • 26-50 Pounds $200

  • 51-75 Pounds $250

  • 76-100 Pounds $300

  • 101-150 Pounds $350

  • 150+ Pounds $400

UPA return package.jpg

Communal Pricing

​Pets are Aquamated together and no mineral remains (ashes) will be returned to the family. A certificate of Aquamation can be mailed if the family chooses.

We spread communal remains on private property overlooking the Wasatch Front.

  • 0-10 Pounds $75

  • 11-35 Pounds $85

  • 36-50 Pounds $110

  • 51-75 Pounds $125

  • 76-100 Pounds $150

  • 101+ Pounds $2/pound


Bio-degradable Floral EarthUrn

Sheesham Urn.png

Sheesham Wooden Urn

paw pals.jpg

PawPals Paw Impression

Georgia paw.jpg

Laser Engraved Paw Print on Acrylic

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