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Honor your pet and protect our environment.

Utah Pet Aquamation

Providing gentle pet aftercare services in Utah


Losing a pet is difficult. We're here to offer a gentle transition.

At Utah Pet Aquamation, we provide gentle and eco-friendly Aquamation services.  Our mission is to protect your grief journey, your pet's legacy, and our environment. 

We believe that animals deserve the same respect in their aftercare as they do in life.  We have designed our company to guarantee, every step of the way, that your animal is treated with the honor they deserve. 

Our Aquamation services are the alternative to standard flame cremation.  Aquamation is an established and successful technology adapted for regular use in pets and humans.  Being more sustainable is the necessary future of aftercare.

We know losing a companion is difficult, and we are here to help.  Our caring team is available to talk and advise you on important decisions. Our services are priced comparably to reputable fire cremation services.

Golden Retriever

As Featured on ABC4 Utah

Discover a Compassionate, Eco-Friendly Alternative for Your Beloved Pet

Watch our recent feature on ABC4 Utah to see how Utah Pet Aquamation is transforming pet aftercare with dignity and sustainability.


Our gentle aquamation process honors the bond you share with your pet, offering a kinder alternative to traditional methods. Learn why more pet owners are choosing this environmentally responsible option.

What is aquamation?

Aquamation (alkaline hydrolysis) is a gentle, water-based alternative to flame cremation. The process mimics Mother Nature by utilizing heat, water, and alkali. It's an eco-friendly alternative with no harmful emissions and is 90% more energy-efficient when compared to traditional cremation. In addition, approximately 20% more remains are returned to the family.​

Why do we offer aquamation?

  • Gentle & respectful process

  • Zero emissions – no harmful greenhouse gases

  • Low energy consumption

  • 1/10 the carbon footprint of flame-based cremation

  • Ashes are 100% clean, disease and pollutant free.

  • Cost is similar to standard flame-based cremation

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